“If your looking for a great way to introduce art to your young students then you need to try Artobet. My younger children watched very attentively and now we have a good reason to pull out those print outlines of the great artists and have at it with our own brushes! We are using Artobet to study the artists of different time periods with our geography and cultures study. Artobet is a DVD by Little Great Thinkers geared towards young children. It goes through each letter of the alphabet combining the letter with an artists name to introduce art while reinforcing the alphabet. It would be a great way to have art class with pre-K or K-5 children while learning the alphabet.
Keep in mind I do have all boys that would fall into the age range (3-8 years) for this video. God didn’t exactly make little boys with an inclination to sit still for prolonged periods of time. I’m always a bit skeptical at how they will pay attention through something that doesn’t have the flashiness of Cars 2 or excitement of Braveheart (LOL), so when they sat intently watching through the entire forty-two minute DVD I was pleasantly surprised. That is always the measuring stick for me: Is learning about this subject going to be drudgery, or fun? Not only did the boys pay attention but wer able to answer questions about the vidoe also! :)   I have been collecting material to study artists and their work to the children, and this was the perfect introduction! As we study each area in our geography we will watch the DVD for artists living in that area, then we will begin to have a springboard to study their paintings/sculptures etc.

Overall we found Artobet to be interesting, informative, and now we can’t wait to study art a bit more in depth!”


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