“This brilliantly produced DVD gives a rundown of 26 of the world’s greatest artists. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned an artist and gives some insight into the person and the art they produced. This is a great reinforcement of letter recognition for young learners and because of this unique element, my two youngest were engaged the entire film.

We also really enjoyed the way that ArtObet brings each artist to life in a way that children can understand. Among my children’s favorite illustrations were the horse in the pink tutu, period music played for each artist, and the children acting out some of the history of each artist. Another great feature is the poem that goes along with each artist, making it very easy for the children to memorize the facts associated with each individual artist. The fun part about this DVD for my family were the children involved. Each unique child in the cast brought a certain charm to the screen that my children {ages 3, 5, and 11} really enjoyed.

This DVD is a great way to get your children involved in art, art history, and inspire different types of techniques for their art projects. This is a great addition to our homeschool!”


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