“Our children watched the DVD with me and enjoyed the paintings and the music playing.  As the artist was introduced we all found ourselves repeating the name, including our almost 2 year old.  The art is just beautiful and the music soothing.


So … how will we use this in our fall school schedule?  Our younger ones will be starting a weekly study of the ABC’s and as we talk about animals, and other words that start with each letter we will include the matching artists.  Watching that part of the show again and looking up some more paintings, either online or at the library.  The study will be even expanded more for Kenna, she will do online research of the artist for the week and write a one page paper about either the artist or one of their most famous works of art.   Letting this help expand her research and writing skills.  Ending the week with a kitchen table painting session, recreating a piece of art studies.  With a variety of ages (2 to 14), I am sure we will have some fun outcomes :o )”


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