“You can just let your child watch the whole DVD over and over, as my daughter has begged to do. Her favorite part is the witty dialogue between magical babysitter and kids in the intro to each artist.It’s also fun to watch the kids model various postures and scenes from the artwork.

I love the history and geography my 4yo is effortlessly picking up, as the artists come from a range of time periods and countries. The personal tidbits, such as Auguste Rodin’s blindness leading to his work with clay, make the artwork more meaningful and help your child realize that art is an expression of the person, not just a reproduction of reality. This is important to perfectionists like my daughter, who don’t want to create art if they can’t make it “exactly like the photograph.”

Recommended for ages 3-8, ArtObet is simple to add to an existing art curriculum. It also has enough substance to serve as the core for a year of art study if desired, fitting easily into a letter-of-the-week type of program.

It is definitely a welcome addition to our homeschool library, with a thumbs-up from Dad, Mom, and 4yo!”

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