Blogger Mama Jenn says of ArtObet: “To say I was impressed with this DVD is an understatement! My kids were exposed to famous artist in a relevant, yet memorable way. I was amazed that even my 4 year olds were chanting along with some of the poems written for each of the artists!  I was most impressed when, thanks to ArtObet, my daughter recognized one of Edgar Degas’ paintings in her dance class! I just love when my kids are able to take something that they have learned and associate it with their everyday interactions and experiences! I knew my kids would be interested in the art DVD. What I didn’t expect was for them to absolutely LOVE the DVD! In fact, they have requested to watch it a number of times since we first previewed it! ArtObet has re-introduced my children to art in a way like no other!”


Thanks Mama Jenn for your feedback! We are so happy when we hear that ArtObet is both educational and exciting for kids. To view the rest of the review, check out: