We are so excited – Artobet is finally out!  Two years ago, we had a dream – to take Eleanor’s imaginative curriculum, add Carol’s filmmaking creativity and contacts, and bring in all the kids in the current class.  Somehow – and at the time we weren’t sure exactly how – we would pull this all together into a real film.  There were plenty of times along the way when we were sure it was never going to come to fruition, but with a lot of work – and so much support from the community – Artobet is now a reality.


So many people have helped us along the way.  There were parents who spent long afternoons managing massive quantities of wardrobe and props, teachers who helped critique early rough cuts and offer ideas for classroom use, children who acted in the film, and still more who gave feedback on what kids really like (not what adults mistakenly think they like!).  Added to them were countless media professionals who gave their time to film, edit, design, create and guide the project, and the Palisades Community Fund and DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities who believed in the project.   We are incredibly grateful to everyone who helped make Artobet a reality.


Producing a film is only the first challenge.  The next is getting it out in the world.  We know there is still a lot of work ahead, but we are once again so grateful and humbled by all the offers of support to help spread the word far and wide.  Artobet could not have been produced without the community around us, and we are certain that if it is successful, it will again be in large part because of so much kindness and generosity of those around us.


Artobet started in our community, but we hope it will now reach communities everywhere, and that many more children, parents, and teachers will join the Little Great Thinkers community through our blog and social media.  For those of you who helped make Artobet possible, we are truly grateful.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  And to those of you who are joining us now, welcome!


– Carol Pineau and Eleanor Palm